“The Idea of a Future Hadn’t Faded from Her Mind Just Yet”

Before sending out an ARC today, I reread my author’s note (below!) and wanted to share a bit more about what my debut book means to me. Diamond City is about a girl who grows up in poverty and homelessness and becomes an assassin to protect herself and get herself off the streets. Unfortunately, homelessness and poverty are realities that far too many young people face—including me. I didn’t realize, when I first started writing this book back in 2017, that this story would come out of me and onto the page, but it did because it needed to be told, even if I didn’t realize how much so until a few rounds of revision later with plenty of encouragement from those who read the book. read more…

My Writing Journey, Agent and Book Deal

Growing up, writing was something that wasn’t even seen as an option for a future career. I loved it, but I think in the back of my head, I always saw it as a hobby, not something I could actually do. But the way I grew up contributed a lot more to my writing than I ever thought it would.

I lived in two worlds growing up. One world was the private school I attended on scholarship, where I had to keep my grades at the top of the class to keep my scholarship and not be a disappointment. And I don’t just mean in school. If I failed, I would be a disappointment to everyone else on the scholarship program (because if one of us messed up, clearly none of us were truly meant to be there), my mother (a hard-working single mom who’d fought to help me get the scholarship in the first place), and my whole community, where I was seen as one of the few who’d “made it.” read more…

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